Monday, March 31, 2014

 I love these two little ones.
I was so lucky to get to go to Reggies birthday. 
This week this little stink face is coming to visit for his
birthday. I can't believe they are both 1!

 I had to take a picture of the goat men. Just 3 more months
and we won't have to travel so far to see family.
I just can't wait. It has been 20 years in Nor Cal.

 We had a tornado last week. Pretty crazy for Rocklin.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

 Wow! It has been so long since I have blogged. 
For some reason I have not been able to sign in to my blog or even do
any posts. Some how I was playing with it tonight and got onto it through 
another window. I think I must be getting old and technology is getting away from me.
For my birthday Eric bought me the funnest bike. When we went to
San Francisco a couple of years ago I rented an electric bike.
I have really bad arthritis in my knees and can not do to much for exercise because my
knees are bone on bone. So it is swimming or biking. With the rubbing of my bones the biking 
uphill hurts. I love my new bike! I feel like I have freedom again. Instead of just crying when I 
see people out walking or biking, I now can join the fun.

 We have been enjoying our Grandchildren so much.
We went to Washington for Thanksgiving and spent time 
with the little man.

 Christmas in So Cal saying goodbye to Devin again. He 
is moving back to Hawaii.
We had a lot of fun with lil Rae Rae

 She loved the beach as much as her Epop and Oma.
The weather was so perfect. 76 degrees at the beach in December.
Looking forward to a new year and hope to know where we will end up.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

 50 And Spoiled!
I had such a great birthday 2 week celebration. I am definitely one spoiled girl and feel so loved.First Devin and Matt came up and we went to the Truckee river and did the river float.
saw a bear...

Britt and Mike came. We went to Joes Crab Shack on the Sacramento  River....

 Eric and I went to Oceanside and 
stayed in a beachfront bungalow.
Ate a lot of yummy food. We went
to the Sunset Market place....

 My friend Alona gave me this Dolly Parton rose bush when
my mom passed away. On special occasions it blooms. I missed the full
bloom because we were gone, but this was the bud ready to say happy birthday the day before.
Thank you Mom!

 I had a beautiful birthday on my favorite Beach. 
Divers Cove in Laguna Beach.
Love this lil Rea....

 For dinner we went to the Old spaghetti factory in Newport Beach.
Thanks everyone for making me feel special.

 Can sister's look more opposite?
 Then the celebration continued at Seaworld on Saturday.

 Reagan had a taste of a nectarine. 
She was a little upset when it was taken away.

What a perfect week, with all of my favorite people.

And happy one year to Britt and Mike!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

 A New Beginning.....
It was a week of sadness and new beginnings. 
As I went to our home on Thunder Ridge Cir in Rocklin
for the last time, I bawled like a baby. As I went thru each room
I just had to snap a photo of this home. So many memories of my 
children growing up here. The Roses we planted. The painting we did. 
The landscaping. I have a grandchild from one of the Palms I am hoping
will make it. I uprooted it right before I left and put it in a pot.

 This was the hardest thing to leave behind. The measurements of my children throughout the years.

So now we have a new beginning in Granite Bay for now. 
The new house is coming along. We still have a  lot of unpacking to do.
And I need to figure out how to cover the ugly chain link fence.