Monday, May 5, 2014

 Costa Rica Heaven...
We finally were able to go on our
Costa Rica trip. It has been 33 years since Eric
has been back from his missionary service.
Next is Panama.
We went with our good friend Hal and Audrey.
This was a black sand beach called Hermosa (The Backyard) The sand was so hot you could not stand on it.

 We went horseback riding in the mountains above Jaco. 
It was so beautiful. We saw McCaws and a Monkey and a Tucan.

 This was our condo in Jaco. Bahia Escatante.
It was perfect and I would stay here again.

 We went to Canas to the first area Eric served his mission. This 
was the house were Antonio lived. The city of Canas was full of iron bars and wires. Everyone there does it. Not because it is dangerous, it is just what they do.
 These were our first monkey sightings along the way. 
Just playing along the road.
 These were beautiful McCaws in the top of the tree.
They fly wild everywhere.

 This was the Church building Eric went to as a missionary.
 We fell in love with these rocking chairs. They are all
over Costa Rica and they are now on my wish list.
 When we went to Allonzo's  house he went strait to his room and brought out
this picture of Eric and himself as a little boy. He was so excited to see Eric, it was so special.
The picture below is a reenactment.

 Next stop, The Crocodile Safari. 
So much fun!!! I loved it. The cow below are what we called skinny  goat cows.
They are all over and they live behind fences that are made out of sticks that are 
growing into trees because it is so humid.

 Next up Quad riding. What a blast. We went up into the mountains and it was gorgeous! 
The way home was a downpour and so fun and muddy.

 When you ride a motorcycle you have to wear a reflector sash.
Believe me when I say the driving there is crazy!!!!

 The rocking chair
 This was the rinky little Tarzan swing the guys did.

 The after dirt.

 Manuel Antonio National park. 
Miles and miles of Palm trees.

 The racoons have no fear of people here.

 The to die for Costarican food. This lil man was so cute.

 These boys are our new friends.
The one in the white shirt came up to me in Sarchi and just sat
there staring, so I said Hola. He then lit up with joy and I soon was surrounded by all four
who talked to us for quit a while. They were so cute. They did not speak english. One of them 
asked Eric if it was true that if your dog poops on the grass in America and you don't pick it up 
you get a ticket? One of the boys was riding his bike with old church shoes that were to small.
I regret that I did not buy him some tennis shoes. I wanted to go back and find him.

 Best Empanandas I've ever had.

 A fence. 
This is a cashew. On the top is a fruit that is 
edible. The bottom is where the cashew comes from. You can't eat it until it is roasted because they are poisonous. They sell the nuts along side of the road all over in skinny little tubes with about 10 nuts in them.

 Our condo. 
I loved Costa Rica. It is a must go to again.