Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eric and I took a little trip for our 26th wedding anniversary. It is actually next wednesday the 21st, but we are to busy next weekend. We had such a great time. We were fortunate to get our timeshare in Marina Ca. which is right next to Monterey. The weather was perfect. Monterey is rarely sunny and we had sun all weekend. The timeshare is right on the beach and we took a drive one day to Big Sir and found a great beach called Pheiffer that had holes in the rocks that the waves crashed thru. In Monterey the sea lions were enjoying sunbathing also. I also made friends with the seagull. He was begging to eat and got a little upset with me when I fed his friend first. I do believe they have the perfect life, living at the ocean, flying and eating junk food.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This weekend Jannica came home to be a bridesmaid in her best
friend Jenna Bates wedding. She was married in the Sacramento
California Temple.
We were excited to spend time with her even though it was not even
two full days.

While the men did some repair work on the fence that blew
down during the last storm this winter I had a last minute garage sale.
It was very sad to see Eric's lil surfboard go away that he has had since high school.
It was a quick $246 dollar day.

Trevor and Devin's Upstage group auditioned earlier this year to perform
at the Sacramento Kings half time show.
Even thought the Kings are rated worst team in the NBA this year,
it was really fun to watch them perform.
They started with a practice before the game and then we
had a tail gate party in the parking lot before the big performance.