Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Weekend

 Tammy and Shelly Knotts
 Stinson Beach

 68 degrees February 13th

 Can you guess where we ate?
 Sweetness from my love.
It's not Kukenhoff, but it was beautiful Central Park in SanFrancisco
While Shelly and I were out to lunch sitting in the Sun. We got the itch to get out of town. I went home to see if any of our timeshares were available, and no. So I checked with my in in the hotel chain and was able to get a great deal in Larkspur near SanFrancisco. Dave and Shelly Knotts went with us and we had the perfect weather. We went to Stinson Beach and then out to dinner at Pf"Changs.(so much cheaper when you go with more than two People).Then we went back to the hotel and played Mexican train. A funny old man came up to us and asked what we were playing. I don't think he believed the title because he asked 3 times.
The next day we went to SanFrancisco and watched the waves. They were pretty big, so it was hard to get Eric away from the view. I found a bunch of Sand Dollars. Then we went to the BayBridge and Central Park. Wow this is a gorgeous park. We then drove home and Eric and I were invited to Dinner at our Dentist's home. I could not believe what a beautiful dinner. I felt like a queen. We had Baked Bree,shrimp cocktail, grapes,another yummy cheese. Salad w/ berries, Kobe Filet, Mashed/baked potatoes,crab,aspargus, and you could see what was for dessert. Thank you Wilsons. What a perfect Valentines Weekend.