Sunday, June 6, 2010

If I can't live by the beach I can at least look at his mural
I think I was painting my dream house

This was so fun!

Devin really wants a VW Bus

So I have been working on a little project in Devin's room.
I haven't painted in many many years. When Devin moved into
the girls room, we redecorated to make it look a little more manly
but stuck with the beach theme. I promised him a mural like a year ago.
I was going to do the whole wall but that seemed a little much so this is what I
have so far.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Graduating from Rocklin High School. Class of 2010

Yes that is Trevor Adrian Mitchell...

And would you look at that. My son who was failing four classes last week.

Even Mimi had to take a look see....

I can't believe my eyes!!!
Is it real????

Could it be?????????

We brought out the big specktacles and yes I know I am
a horrible speller...

We waited and waited....



And now the moment I have been waiting for.....
The miracles of all miracles.........

We finished off the day at Buca de Beppo
It wouldn't be a good picture if Terry didn't do his great poses.

It definately was a beautiful day!
and more zzzzzzzzzzzz


And this is what Mormans do at the vinyards!

Then it was off to the Wine Country.
We stopped at a vinyard in St. Helena for some lunch.

Two of my favorite people.
Terry and Kandy Foster
my other parents.

Shaking hands with the Speakers
Thank you to all those who serve our great Nation!

We headed to Napa California and came upon a Memorial service that was very

For Memorial Day weekend my sister Kandy and her husband Terry came to visit.
I was so excited to have company. We don't get much. I guess we live in a boring place.

For Valentines Day I bought Eric tickets to Tim McGraw at the Sleeptrain
Ampitheater in Wheatland. We also saw Love and Theft and Lady Antabellum.
It was a great concert. Great people watching too!

They had a large group and took a Party bus. I have not recieved pictures yet.
He had a great time. This is his friends Alissa and Mitchell.

Devin went to Whitney High Schools Senior Ball with a girl named
Casey that he didn't know very well.

This year it was one cake. Trevor on one side, Devin and Eric
on the other. We lit the candles 3 times and blew them out three times.

And the final Birthday of May, Trevor on the 23rd.
19 years old