Sunday, June 17, 2012

 Road Trip to Wenatchee Washington.
Beautiful Mt. Shasta
 The first casual Graduation from Central Washington Univercity.
 Jannica with her best classmate Sunny

 This was her group she went through the program with minus 15

 Next stop a ferry ride into Victoria BC and the Buchart gardens.

 From our timeshare we were right next to fisherman's wharf.
This cute seal was so friendly. He was just waiting for the food.

 We did alot of eating. These were our favorites. 
The fish and chips on the wharf, and the dutch food in Lyndon Wa.

 I can't remember if we went to Lyndon as a child, but I know we went
to Canada. My mother would have loved this street with the beautiful houses and trees.

 Then it was back to Birch Bay at our Timeshare there.

 We surprised Jannica and picked up the boys in Washington and brought them 
to Canada with us for a day. She thought they weren't going to be able to make it. 

 This suspension bridge was awesome in Vancouver Canada.

 All I can say about Jannica's second ceremony was FREEZING!

 Our favorite restaurant we like when we go to visit Jannica. Country Boys in Cashmere.
Congratulation's Jannica. We are so very proud of you.