Sunday, June 6, 2010

If I can't live by the beach I can at least look at his mural
I think I was painting my dream house

This was so fun!

Devin really wants a VW Bus

So I have been working on a little project in Devin's room.
I haven't painted in many many years. When Devin moved into
the girls room, we redecorated to make it look a little more manly
but stuck with the beach theme. I promised him a mural like a year ago.
I was going to do the whole wall but that seemed a little much so this is what I
have so far.


  1. Mom that is so awesome!! It looks great!

  2. You are so talented! Who wouldn't want to live there and drive that bus!?! Can you paint one for Summer's room now? Teal is her main color. Thanks!

    Just teasing. Love ya!!!

  3. You should go into business!

  4. No way - that's awesome! I forgot just how talented you are! So, have you ever considered doing a baby girl's room??? ;)

  5. So awesome - you are such a creative, talented person!