Friday, July 9, 2010

We also went to the San Francisco Zoo. Jannica has a
great video of the ape sticking his tounge out at us.
What a great weekend.

We were so lucky and were able to go see Wicked in SanFrancisco.
I loved it just as much as when I saw it in New York. I am ready to
go again if anyone is up for it. I love Wicked!

Jannica came to visit and take Trevor away from us.
She will be driving back to Wenatchee with him soon.

On the 4th of July we also said goodbye to one of our favorite missionaries.
Elder Dyer, from Texas.


  1. what part of texas is your favorite missionary from?

  2. We love Wicked, too. We can sing you the whole album if you would like. :0)

    OK, maybe just ask Sydney to sing it, that way your ears won't bleed!

  3. I love Wicked too. Did just you and Jannica go to SF? What a fun thing to do!