Sunday, July 25, 2010

While on the River I saw the biggest Sturgeon EVER

This is Audrey

And Saturday our good friends Hal and Audrey were so kind as to share their beautiful boat and take us out to the Sacramento River.

Friday, Martina McBride at the State Fair.

I had such a great week. I must admit I have missed Trevor more than I thought I would. I have been pretty sad. However we have been so busy it has taken my mind off of my loss until today. Sundays are pretty boring now.
Tuesday we went to a birthday party for Shelly. Wednesday we went to a late night swim/bonfire with our old fogie friends without kids at home. Thursday the Temple.


  1. i am loving all your updates....and the new backround too.

  2. The tubing looks so fun! I'm summer, I guess. What a cute mom, missing her baby already! ;)

  3. Having your kids live nearby helps when they move out. I am so blessed to have most of them within walking distance(if you don't mind walking 1.25 miles).