Sunday, August 22, 2010

To avoid traffic we went to Universal City Walk for a while.
The day after camping I was lucky enough get to go to Southern
California to visit Brittani. I was able to see her cute apartment, and we
had a great time. The first day we went to NBC studios, thanks to Gary
and went on a tour. He introduced us to some stars from Days of our Lives soap opera,
which I had no clue who they were. Then we went to the Jay Leno show. Fun fun fun!

Ok for those that know me real well and know my gag reflex and my out of control
laughter. Well our toilet broke on our floating campsite and they took the
whole toilet at 12:30 in the morning. Bobbie couldn't wait so we all took a trip in the Burtons
boat in the pitch black to find this floating toilet. We were all laughing so hard and then. I
took one whif of this little gem and yep I was feeding the fish. It was definatly a first. Laughing
and throwing up all at the same time, and I will never live it down!

Thanks Hal and Audrey for the Great time on your boat!

That would be Eric before his face plant in the water. Two seconds
later and I would have had it.

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