Sunday, October 17, 2010

And it is goodbye Pheonix. Thanks Jen! I had a awesome time!!!!

This is Jen with Mercy River.

Below is Jen and I with Brad Wilcox.
Above is Mariama Kallon, one of the speakers. She is from Africa

Now I must admit, this was the best part of my trip.
It was supposed to be a girls weekend trip to Sedona to go to
Time Out For Women. Well everyone but Jen and I backed out.
No problem, we had a great time. We checked into a Marriott in
Pheonix Arizona and went to the evening meeting. We saw Sheri Dew,
Virgina Hinckley Pearce, President Hinckley's daughter. Wendy Watson Nelson,
and Dallyn Vail Bayles. It was Awesome!!!


  1. BEST TIME EVER!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad we got to spend some quality time together. You are one of my favorite people in the entire universe! Love you!!!

  2. You are a good time! I wish we were closer... I always liked hanging out with you in CA!

    PS. Mr Dub is a shortened version of Mr. W. It just stuck.