Friday, December 10, 2010

This is what is left of Ricky's house. Just a reminder that we need smoke detectors and safes.
I will miss you my cousin.
It took all of these men to jump start a car. Kind of funny

Aunna Molina, Ashley Lamb, Camry Johnson and Marni

The relief society made a great luncheon for us.
Terea Molina, Tiffani and Carl Johnson and Jake. Derek Lamb
and Eric.

Well today was a very sad day. Last Saturday I recieved lots of phone calls that
my cousin Ricky Lamb had passed away. Today was his funeral. He was burned in
his home by a fire started in his chimney. It was nice to visit with family but not so nice under
the circumstances. This is Uncle Reid, Cindy Lamb, Cheryl Warr and Willy Molina

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