Sunday, January 2, 2011

I rode with Audrey up to the top of Heavenly while everyone else

Devin didn't get to Snowboard :( because of his surgery last week.
But we will go again in a few weeks to make up for it though.

We Played

Happy New Year!!!!
I can't believe another year has past. I remember my
Dad always saying wait until you see how fast time goes when you
get older. I guess I am older. For New Years we went up to Lake Tahoe
with our friends the Weimers, Burtons and two other couples that
we met. We stayed right at the base of Heavenly Ski Resort.
It was gorgeous! and it Snowed.


  1. Happy New Year!!
    Email me at jhwhit2 at gmail dot com and I'll give you Roger's info~

  2. Gorgeous! Glad Jen asked about Devin's surgery, since we had no clue! Come and board here in February, we'll have snow too!