Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love Love Love
The Beach!!!
Since I live so far from the ocean, well at least the warm ocean and love it so much.
I like to bring it into my home. This week I found the find of all finds at one of my
favorite stores Ross. Is this not the cutest flamingo/stork you have ever seen? I could
not resist the purchase. I look at this bird and it makes me smile. Those that know me well
know that in my next life I want to come back as a seagull so I could live the good life eating
all the junk food I want and living at the beach, and of course it would be fun to bomb a few bathing
beauties for fun.
The picture in the middle is something I have wanted to put together for a while. Jannica
gave me some cash for my Birthday last year and told me I had to spend it on myself.
Well I did. I bought some shells last summer and this pot. When Eric and I stayed at our
timeshare last year there was a really cute arrangement I got an idea for. I finally put it together, and I love it.
The 3rd picture is just my fireplace mantel. I purchased a new seahorse candle holder and candle
and just rearranged things.On my mantel I have a wooden turtle and pelican that I got from my mom and dad's home. I wish I knew where my mom bought them. She always brought home souvenires from her trips and I know this must have been from one of their fabulous vacations. There was a whale too, although I don't know who ended up with it.  I now think that every room in my home is ocean themed.
I know it is an obsession.


  1. It looks like a beach resort. Love it!

    If you become a seagull, steer clear of me, please! :0)

  2. I love your bird. I agree it make me smile. The mantel looks peaceful. Even though I'm one of the few who doesn't really care for the beach, I gave my guest bathroom a somewhat beach theme, Vashon Island.

    I do remember the whale, usually ironwood carvings come from Mexico....we got the carved duck.