Sunday, May 22, 2011

 Wisdom Teeth and Prom...............................
Well I am a little behind on this first picture. I have some other pictures of Devin's wisdom teeth but they are on my old computer. Yes my old computer has crashed. I had everything backed up except for the last pictures. It was quite a humorous day. Devin reacted so differently to the drugs than Trevor did. When he was done and they wheeled him out, I heard the Doctor say let me go get your mom. I instantly heard Devin yelling MOM MOM and laughing. Well all the way home he was non stop talking and laughing. Waving at people. Those of you that know Devin know that he doesn't talk much at all and hardly ever smiles. Well we pulled into the BelAir parking lot to get his pain pills and he saw two guys from school. He was yelling out the window to them in this getup on his head. They didn't respond and he turned to me and said "we aren't really friend anyway". Well then they came back out of the store while we were waiting for his meds and he is waving at them again and calling their names, saying it's me Devin. So funny, I have never seen him talk so much in all his life. 
 These are my two handsome boys going to prom.

 Remember this girl? Yup Devin went with Cassie last year.

 Devin went with his good friend Arrisa and on the Party Bus.
He has better pictures on his camera but he needs to give them to me.

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