Sunday, January 15, 2012

While Eric was away on business in Vegas, I decided to do a few
things I had been wanting to do. My friend Shelly gave me these cute
candles for Christmas and I decided to paint palm trees on them.
Then it was on to the bathroom. My house is really turning into my own
personal beach since I can't live near one. It was just my bedroom, but now
the whole house is pretty much beach themed. I am having fun with it though.
Devin has promised me when he is rich he will buy me a beach house.
Eric told me that once too, but I haven't moved into one yet.
Until then I will just have to settle.


  1. LOVELY! I'm packing my towel and heading over! :)

  2. Love it. Why couldn't I get that talent? Beautiful.

  3. You paint so well!!! The palm trees look GREAT!! Good job!

  4. Wow you are my very talented sister! Great job!