Tuesday, May 15, 2012

 Great Time out for Women Weekend
with my favorite sister and her girls in Billings Montana
 Our Speakers and entertainers 
 Devin received his mission call in the evening. It took a lot for us
to get everyone together. Finally at 12:30pm Billings time, 11:30 California time, and 
8:30 Hawaii time, we all joined via Skype to hear the news. 
New Mexico Albuquerque bound August 8th
 Here we are with Michael McClaine and his beautiful assistant. 
 Miriama Kallon
 Mercy River
 Our picnic in Redrock Montana
 our beautiful host
 my Sister Kandy and below my cute little nieces and nephew. 

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  1. You sandwiched a mission call in there and didn't even announce it?!?... CONGRATS to Devon!!!
    that's HUGE!!!
    (and I'm glad you had fun!)