Saturday, August 18, 2012


Life..... has a way of not always going as the dreams in our hearts and minds.
August has been full of twists and turns for mine.
It was a sad day for me on July 16th when my baby decided to spread his wings
and fly. Not to the mission he had planned but to Southern California.

 August has been quite eventful. Eric and I spent a great
week in Oceanside Ca. before the busyness started.
Well it started before we left home.

 I had a great Birthday spent with those I love in Laguna Beach my
favorite place on earth. My sister and her husband treated me to The Pagent of the Masters.

 Then it was on to a beautiful surprised event that we planned
in a week. Britt and Mike decided to finally tie the knot and everything just
fell into place so perfectly. The ring, the dress, the Bishop, the flowers, the 
photographer, the most beautiful place. etc. etc.... 

 Brittani, you are gorgeous!!!

 And I am so happy to have a new son-in-law...

 I love my family. Both sides. 
What a great month it has been.
I just want to live closer to them!!!


  1. Busy month, but amazing month! I'm so glad you got to be in OC so long. Now find a house there and make it home! ;)

  2. Amazing that you were able to put together the wedding to quick-to look at the pictures it looks like months of planning. Everything looks beautiful.

  3. YOU are amazing, and have good family and a good life. I miss you! I love you.

  4. Y'all look beautiful, I had just heard about the engagement, surprised by the wedding, but why wait. Congrats to all.

  5. Mom you are amazing and put together the most amazing wedding ever. Everything was beautiful and perfect! Love you!!!