Sunday, September 9, 2012

 Unbelievable weekend.
We went to our timeshare in Bass Lake Ca.
Played at the lake and ate and ate and ate with our friends Dave and Shelly.
Then it was off to Yosemite. 
Eric and the boys went there a couple of years ago to hike Half Dome. 
I saw the pictures and thought it was incredible that they did it.
I had no idea how incredible it was. I had never been to Yosemite. 
WOW is all I can say. If you haven't been you should put it on your list.
It is just amazing. Just look at the colors. They are not enhanced.
Anyone who has climbed Half Dome, I solute you.


  1. I can't believe you have never been there before. It is great. I need to go again. glad you had a wonder ful time.

  2. Looks so pretty! Looks like you guys had a blast