Sunday, March 4, 2012

 Another fun day in SanFrancisco!!!
 So I had a very last minute idea for Britt to come up and spend some time with
us since she has a little time off right now. 
We met her and Mike at the Oakland Temple and then drove into SanFran.
I have always wanted to ride the Duck boats in about every city we have
ever went to that has them. I finally decided that today was the day.
It was actually really fun. Our tour guild Van really Quacked us up.

 Britt even got to drive the Duck Boat through the SanFrancisco Bay.


  1. that's such a fun day! good for you guys! xoxo

  2. Now come drive the duck boats in BOSTON!!!

  3. Looks like you had another great trip to SF. Love that city!