Friday, March 9, 2012


Though you cannot see the picture to well in the above picture, the day before 
Eric's ACL/Miniscis surgery he was trying to get things done before his recovery.
Our neighbor has these horrible bushes that hang over our fence and every year we
get to trim them. Our fence needs to be replaced, so it is a scary job as Eric try's to balance
with his hedge trimmer. The pool is only about 2 feet away from his balancing act.
 After Paco and Chloe are enjoying the warm sun.
 Now this last one is what happens when I leave him alone to go to the store.
Don't ask me how he didn't fall in the pool to get in that chair.
Rest well little poopsy.


  1. Terry saw this and thought Eric had fallen out of the tree...hence the surgery! Quick recover Eric!

  2. i need to be lounging next to him at that glorious looking pool

  3. Glad recovery is going well! Cattlemen's must have helped!