Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Flu!

Bla Bla Bla.
Just when you think life after surgery can't get much worst, here
comes the stomach flu.
I came down with the worst stomach flu of my life on Monday.
I was on the pot and next thing I knew
 Eric was hobbling over me with
his crutches and I had a big bump on my head. This was a fun experience. My first
time ever passing out. Well today is Wednesday. Finally starting to feel better, sleeping
so peacefully and there is that wonderful Ralph sound again, only this time it is Eric.
His recovery was going so well until yesterday when his calve started hurting.
Lots of pain and now The Flu!!!!
I know someone else is having a much worst day somewhere else, but today I
just want to run away. I don't know if my niece Kelly remembers this, but when she
was probably around 5 she got sick at a restaurant and Aunt Tammy was assigned to take her
to the restroom. Well I don't do throw up duty and I was able to join her in the same toilet.

In our marriage Eric has always had that duty and I the other end, so you can imagine how well 
I did with his sound this morning.
Oh tomorrow please come fast! 


  1. ohhh tammy...i had no idea we shared an intimate toilet once. i hate puke to this day...especially someone elses.

    hope you guys feel better soon :-)