Sunday, December 30, 2012

 Merry Christmas 2012
 Family time is my favorite. We really missed Lane and Jannica this Christmas.
Brittani is starting to really look prego. I had to put the beanie picture for her.
We kind of have a inside joke with Daddy and beanies. 
I sure do love him though.

 This was someones's not so smart smart car choice.
I had nothing to do with this purchase. I guess he didn't like it so he
showed up with this new car. I must admit, the new one is much better!

 Santa started his exorcise right after Christmas. 
He must have had to many cookies. 
Looks like Eric and I need to join him!


  1. Sad we missed you again. Glad it was a good Christmas. Love you tons!!!!

  2. So glad we got to spend time with you guys! Love that picture of everyone and the lights!!