Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Lincoln Savings...
My Year is up. 
One year ago I started the Lincoln savings plan that I 
saw on Pintrest.
The plan.... to put away every 5 dollar bill I received in a years time.
I did pretty well I think, however I got to the point where if I paid with a 
twenty and the total was say $4.99 I would hope I wouldn't get three fives back because that would wipe me out. 
Grand total.... $580.00 minus about two hundred that I actually spent in fives..
Not bad for a simple savings plan.
I had planned on using it for Costa Rica this year, however I think it is probably going towards my two new Grand babies and the trips I have to take on their behalves. 
I think I am going to keep up the habit I have formed. Eventually we will get to Costa Rica.


  1. Good for you~!
    You have inspired me...

  2. And I was excited at saving our change for a year.......Enjoy those grandbabies.

  3. Aww mom! You should use it on Costa Rica. You guys deserve it